Match Jewelry with Outfits

Many might find it hard and frustrating when trying to pick the perfect jewelry to go along with their outfit. Here are 4 tips I have for anyone who has trouble finding jewelry to go with their outfit.

1. Make sure your jewelry matches the occasion

There is such a thing as wearing the incorrect jewelry for the occasion. Consider where you're going, what you'll be doing, and how the jewelry will appear to passer-by. For example, if you're going to church, your jewelry shouldn't be the same as what you'd wear to the club.

2. Wear jewelry that complements your skin tone

It's not enough to match your jewelry to your clothing. People who are successful at accessorizing these days know how to use jewelry to highlight their skin tones. Silver is a common metal that reflects the majority of natural tones. Darker hair and matte skin look better with gold.

3. Sea-colored clothes and white pearls

Pearls are well-suited to the tints of blue seen in the water. These marine gems are best paired with many colors of ocean water, ranging from aqua and deep blues to greens and stormy grays.

4. Gold, black, and white

Make sure you wear gold jewelry with black or white clothes. They are simple colors but powerful statements in and of themselves, with simple and classic clothing. Bright gold jewelry or white gemstones will look great with a black outfit.

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