Introduction - New to blogging -

Hi everyone! I'm Breanna, she/her pronouns, I'm a senior at Liberty High School in the Hillsboro School District but currently attending Portland Community College, since I'm in the Early College Program :) Taking college classes while still in high school is pretty stressful, not gonna lie... but it's a challenge that I wanted to give a try. I have a pretty busy schedule with school/homework, work, and dance practice. I'm currently working part time at Nan's on Third, I like working there because it's a small local woman's resale boutique plus there's a huge variety of different clothes! I'm the Captain of my high school dance team! A few perks of being the captain is having the opportunity to choreograph dances which the dance teams performs at football, soccer, and basketball games. 

A little more about me is that I LOVE to hang out with my friends, go shopping, shop online, eat, and spend time with my cats! Whenever I'm not so busy I hang out with my friends since we don't go to the same schools, we actually rarely see each other :( But whenever we do we have so much fun and catch up! I enjoy shopping whether its online or in stores. Spending money is so easy and an addiction/problem I'm currently trying to fix...ahahahaha... Anyway, I'm also a foodie and like to try new foods whenever I get the chance. As I mentioned before, I LOVE my cats! I have two and they're my babies and they're so spoiled by everyone at home, except my dad. He doesn't like cats :( But it's okay since my mom, older, and younger sisters also love them! 

Enough about me...I'm going to start posting blogs soon! I hope to write about any fashion trends, popular fashion icons, and where I get my fashion inspiration from! I hope everyone follows along with my blogging journey! Thank you :))

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